Ursus Vita 2nd Stage – currently being executed

The “Ursus Vita” estate is a new housing development consisting of 6 buildings, forming next stages of the investment. The next stage, currently being built by “AMConstruction”, is comprised of two independent, cuboid-shaped 8-story buildings, situated on a common, single-level underground garage.

The investment is characterized by elegant and modernist building shapes, maintained in a monochromatic combination of gray and white, with strong, energetic color accents. Each building will be distinguished by an individual color scheme, serving as the leading motif of the stage – from yellow, through orange and green, to blue. Decorative steel elements of the facade and glass balcony railings refer to the industrial character of the district. They give the whole a modern and original touch, which perfectly distinguishes this estate from its surroundings.

The exceptionally interesting and unconventional external areas of the estate, and especially the salt cave, sun loungers, gazebos, playground, all incorporated into attractively designed greenery, as well as the architectural concrete elements of small architectural forms, are also worthy of special attention.

Scope: The execution of the whole investment as the General Constructor

Technical specifications of the facility:

Residential usable area (PUM) 10 089,13 m²

Total surface area (PC) 19 743,18 m²

No. of above-ground tiers 8
No. of underground tiers 1
No. of apartments 190

No. of commercial premises 3
No. of garage parking spaces 203


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