“Sady Żoliborz” – under construction

The new development called “Sady Żoliborz”, located in Warsaw at the intersection of Anny German and Krasińskiego Streets, is the first stage of a multi-stage investment project which at this stage will comprise two multi-family buildings, 5 to 8 storeys high, with a total of 112 flats of varying sizes. Some of the flats located on the ground floor will have private gardens, while additionally, on the fifth floor of one of the buildings, a large publicly accessible green terrace has been planned. The buildings will also have a 2-level underground car park with 134 parking spaces.

The entire development will consist of three residential buildings interspersed with internal courtyards, designed for those seeking comfort, high standard and modern solutions.

Żoliborz is an extremely artistic district, and thanks to an external decorative form on one of the elevations, the investment perfectly matches the climate of the district.

This is another investment realized by our company for Matexi Polska Sp. z o.o.

Scope: realization of the entire investment in the General Contracting system.

Technical data of the building:

PUM:7339.04 m2

PC:11802 m2

Number of above-ground storeys: (5+3) 8

Number of underground storeys: 2

Number of flats: 112

Number of commercial units: 4

Number of parking spaces in the garage: 133


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