“Przy Solipskiej” residential complex – 2016 r.


A cosy, multi-family, residential building, with communication management, auxiliary infrastructure and landscape architecture elements, located in Warsaw district of Włochy at 21 Solipska.

The building was made in reinforced concrete and monolithic technology. The building has 32 apartments in sizes from 23 to 55 m2. Apartments located on the ground floor have access to the gardens, and those at the higher levels are equipped with balconies with glass balustrades. Balconies of the last storey additionally secured by glass roofs. Entrance to the building made of composite panels of TRESPA, entrance hall in stylish natural stone and wood with mirrors. Overlap of the last floor on a reinforced concrete slab made at an angle in the form of panels of noble metal in the form of a mansard roof.

Scope: execution of the entire investment in the General Contractor.


Technical specifications of the facility:

No of above-ground levels                            4

No of residential premises                           32

Usable apartment space (PUM)                   1 398 m²

Total surface area (PC)                                  2 060 m²


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