„Osiedle Aurora” building „C” – currently being executed

The company AMConstruction has started the construction of the the first stage of „Aurora” estate for the investor „Dantex”. It is the first part of multistage estate located in the neighbourhood of streets Jutrzenka, Szybka and Popularna in Warsaw.

The Building „C” is  in the shape of a letter C and has 3 staircases equipped with 3 lifts.

Scope: execution of the whole investment as a general constructor.

Technical information of the facility:

No. of overground tiers: 7

No. of underground tiers: 2

Residental usable area: 6001 m2

Total surface area: 13264 m2

No. of apartments:  110

No. of parking spaces in the garage: 130

No. of parking spaces on the property: 6


July 2020

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