Markowska- currently being executed

The “Nowa Markowska” investment is located in the Old Praga district of Warsaw, at Markowska Street 5. The project is characterized by a combination of a modernist building structure with an Elastholit facade cladding that fits in with the local architecture of brick tenement houses, with distinct orange accents that allow the building to stand out among the nearby buildings. The investment will be carried out based on a management policy that takes into account the necessary principles to obtain the BREEAM certificate.

The building is designed in two structures and is located on a foundation plate with a single-level underground garage, where 24 chargers for electric cars are located. A photovoltaic installation has been designed for the investment to power the heat pumps located on the building’s roof. The use of photovoltaic installations and heat pumps will allow the building to function without using an external heat network. The designed external areas will be irrigated from existing retention tanks, allowing for proper irrigation of the areas around the playground and beyond. Equally interesting are the finished interiors of the building, which feature a loft-style design with black door elements, window portals, and shafts combined with white walls and imitation brick fragments that refer to the building’s facade.

The investment will have an access control system and anti-burglary doors ensuring a high level of security. Many spaces for bicycle parking have been designed in the investment.

Technical specifications of the construction:

No. of overground floors: 8

No. of underground floors: 1

Residental usable area: 3738,00 m²

Total area: 9839,96 m²

No. of apartments: 116

No. of parking spots in the garage: 47

No. of parking spaces on the property: 9


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