Housing estate „Aurora” – building J,K – currently being executed

AMConstruction has started the execution of construction of buildings ‘J’, ‘K’ on the housing estate “Aurora” which is located at the border of Warsaw districts: Włochy and Ochota.  The newly-emerging buildings belong to the next stage of the already existing residential complex. Our company has already finished 5 stages for the investor Dantex and the another 4 stages are in progress.

Scope: Execution of construction of the reinforced concrete structure as the General Contractor

Technical specifications of the facility:

No. of above-ground tiers:                                                          5-7

No. of underground tiers                                                             1       

Residential usable area (PUM)                                                    9334 ,40 m²

Total surface area (PC)                                                              20 212, 70 m²

No. of apartments:                                                                  140

No. of parking spaces in the garage                                               190

No. of parking spaces within the estate:                                               20


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