AMC Construction Company specializes into general contracting of general and residential building structures along with the accompanying infrastructure. A broad range of our services covers the entire investment cycle – from taking over the area until the completed investment. As a General Contractor, we take responsibility for all constructional and installation works, accurate preparation of the as-built documentation, construction site as well as commissioning of the structure along with receiving occupancy permits on the scheduled date.

Our main idea is to cooperate and support the investor from the very beginning of every investment. Due to our experience we can monitor the choice of the most efficient and beneficial technologies and building materials. In fact, we do our best to limit the efforts and costs to deliver outstanding satisfaction to our clients, investors and business partners. We practice our core values in our work, giving our customers a unique experience of trust. Due to our core values we have earned a good reputation among our clients and their satisfaction.

Even with the most complex projects and tasks, we are a reliable, trustworthy and punctual partner. We maintain the highest standards and we operate within the assumed budget. Our experienced team of engineers and well qualified construction workers, profound knowledge gained at the Warsaw market make us a reliable business partner. Moreover, our own extensive technical and equipment resources ensure the top quality of our work and make our company a reliable choice even with the most complex projects and tasks.

AMConstruction limited liability company limited partnership

ul. Solipska 21 lok. 6
02-482 Warszawa
NIP: 522 316 54 85

Tel: +48 510 852 401