Na Bielany 3rd Stage – currently being executed

Another, currently being developed by “AMConstruction”, the third stage of the investment called “ON BIELANY!” consists of two residential buildings, labeled “D” and “E”, located in Warsaw at the intersection of Heroldów and Książąt Mazowieckich streets. Similar to the first and second stages of this multi-stage investment project, they share a common, two-level underground garage. These buildings have six above-ground floors, with only a part of the sixth floor being used for residential purposes and the remaining area featuring spacious terraces belonging to those apartments, separated from each other by permanent, concrete planters filled with attractive greenery.

The Bielany! Housing estate boasts unique architecture – stepped loggias, spacious terraces and gardens that open up to a green courtyard and a private neighborhood park, which includes a large playground and relaxation areas.

The estate is distinguished by three complementary types of facade technologies used. The first is a slightly wet facade in white, emphasizing the cassette character of the building mass. The second, dominant type of facade is made of mineral clinker tiles in the HAAKSBERGEN system by the renowned Dutch company “Elastolith”. The third, most demanding facade system is the facade of the last, sixth floor made of flat, graphite sheet metal arranged in a standing seam pattern with glyphs and a hidden roof drainage system. All terrace and loggia floors are made of ventilated terrace systems with ceramic tiles laid on pedestals. The attractive external appearance of the building is completed by graphite-colored windows and graphite, openwork steel balustrade which add individual style to the exterior walls.

Technical specifications of the facility:

No. of above-ground tiers: 6
No. of underground tiers:  2
Residential usable area (PUM):  6919 ,00 m²
Total surface area (PC):  17 571, 00 m²
No. of apartments : 120
No. of parking spaces: 193


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